Thursday, May 03, 2007


Last Day of Work

In about 20 minutes I have to head to Augusta for my last day of work before I hit the road. It is with mixed feelings that I leave my job - almost every day I loved the challenge and the people and the work. I looked long and hard to find a job that was a good fit for me, and I did well ending up where I did. While I'm thrilled to be spending the summer on a motorcycle again, I will miss a lot about my job.

To all my friends at work - Lou, Duane, Lisa, Kamal, John, Charley, Nick, Pat, Gerry, Clyde, Scott, Pete, Anthony, Pam, Brandi, Paul, Josh, Sam, Vearn, Randy, Joe and Sue - thanks for your friendship, your patience, and your hard work. I had a great time getting to know you all and hope you stay in touch; best of luck in the future and I hope to see you all again!

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