Thursday, August 31, 2006


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was a beautiful ride and over too quickly. When I first saw this park as a teenager it made a huge impression on me so it was special to revisit the area and look at it with a new lens. Along with lots of beautiful mountain vistas, the elk were plentiful around Estes Park - one gentleman told me he couldn't even tee off for his morning golf game with all the elk on the greens.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Safe In Colorado

Hello everyone, I am in Colorado, safe and spoiled at my cousin's house. After feasting on elk stew and carrot cake we adjourned to the outside fire and got caught up on family and listened to the elk bugling on the surrounding mountains. Mike and Mary have done an amazing job carving out a little peace of heaven on a Colorado hillside and I greatly appreciate their hospitality and open hearts during my stay. This morning Mary is showing me around the homestead and I'll be leaving a little later to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park on my way back to Idaho!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Arches National Monument

Arches was wonderful and I'm glad I spent two days in Moab and really took the time to enjoy it! I'd love to spend a week there sometime and really check things out.

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Route 22 and Moab

The top picture is along Route 22, after I left Bryce and on my way up to Route 70. Amazing ride!

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Bryce Canyon

Bryce is definitely a special stop and I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. Notice the swelling on my forehead as the beginnings of a very bad sunburn begin to appear!

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North Rim of the Grand Canyon

I really enjoyed the North Rim - friendly people and no crowds. I would love to make the hike to the Colorado River again someday, but this wasn't the trip to attempt it - maybe next time!

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Zion National Park

After Vegas I drove along the Lake Meade Recreational Area and stayed in Hurricaine, Utah, driving through Zion the next day. Very beautiful but the free shuttle ride was needed to see the more elaborate formations.

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Vegas Baby!

I apologize for the confusion but on 8-29-06 I was finally able to post from my phone after several days of technical difficulties, and the six audio posts are not in order - but I am posting the pictures in chronological order, so some audio posts may not match the accompanying photos for these six posts - sorry!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yosemite National Park Part III

In the top picture you can see me giving the thumbs up to the sign, the second picture is El Capitan - at least the portion that would fit in the photo from my spot in the meadow under a tree. The third photo is Ellery Lake in Yosemite at over 9000 feet - you can see the patches of snow!

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Yosemite National Park Part II

In the top picture I was laying on my belly on a rock in the middle of the stream - I really liked how it was easy to be alone with the scene as there were really no crowds anywhere except around the villiage and visitor center. The second picture is Half Dome and the bottom picture is Bridal Veil Falls.

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Yosemite National Park

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