Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Keeping This Blog

I haven't really decided until recently what I wanted to do about this blog - I have written some things on here that I am really happy with but on the other hand it chronicles what was a painful time for me. My other blog is a great place to write about my life on Unalaska, but it is limiting because I have self-imposed restrictions about the content - I take all the photos myself and I keep it intentionally non-controversial as after all, I live on an island and do not want to offend anyone.

What I've come to realize is that it might be nice to have a place to post other folk's pictures or talk about things not related to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. To keep this blog required that I edited it a bit - not much, just a bit - by removing a few photos and changing a bit of the content. I started that process today but am not finished; it is important to me to preserve everything associated with KC and Lydia as they are still in my heart, even if I am not in theirs. I hope they are safe and happy and loved.

The Anchorage Daily News carried an article today that Exxon is asking the Supreme Court to hear the punative award case, you can read about this here. It's great this case is finally coming to a close in the next 12 months and we can either let it go or pay the damages. Over 20 percent of the original claimants have passed away since the oil spill in 1989 - I'm still alive however and promise to invest my share of the damages in something smart, like a 22 foot C-Dory with a 90 hp Honda 4 Stroke, 8 hp Honda trolling motor, swim step, diesel stove/heat for the cabin, power trim tabs, and a wash down pump and hose as options - not that I've given it any thought . . . . .

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