Monday, August 22, 2005


Can't Summit Alone

I can't imagine an atheist father of daughters. With two new teenage daughters of my own now, I have new respect for my Dad and for all fathers out there that deal with this special situation. Never in my life have I felt more of a need for God's help and guidance than now - I can't imagine going it alone because even Dads need to sleep sometime!

There is lots of room for improvement in my spiritual life as I have not found the "perfect" church to attend in Anchorage and I need to be a better example for my daughters, sons and wife. I guess what I'm looking for is that spiritual hunger I had as a teenager, when I was old enough to get myself up and walk to church because I wanted to be there. I certainly had the very best of examples in my parents who always placed church and family first - I have some great memories of my Dad and I both singing tenor in the church choir for awhile.

There certainly can be no apex without upping my game in the spiritual realm, and that is going to require a lot of soul-searching on my part.

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