Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Heading Back To College Tonight

Trevor heads back to college tonight after a summer working and playing in Alaska. He and his brother have definintely been key players in my search for an apex.

It is fascinating for me to observe my adult sons and recognize the two halves of me expressed as separate human beings. Trevor is the playful half who thought he wanted to be a dentist and finally realized he loved biology too much to be happy any where else. He is an extraordinarily high performing, high achieving young man whose goals, vision of the world and love for life take my breath away on a daily basis.

Trevor and I sat at the kitchen table last night and gave life to each other's dreams. I shared some of mine and he acknowledged and supported me without mocking; he told me some of his in return. There will be more time and space devoted to my sons and daughters as I journey forward and skyward . . . . for now, I needed to publicly acknowledge the part of my happiness that is Trevor-shaped for when he is home, without effort or pretension, he drops into place like a puzzle piece and my life is richer. Trevor has that effect on people and I am very proud of all that he has become and strives to achieve and I know his apex will blaze brightly for others to follow.

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