Thursday, August 04, 2005


What's With The Apex Thing?

a·pex ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pks)n. pl. a·pex·es or a·pi·ces (p-sz, p-)
The highest point; the vertex: the apex of a triangle; the apex of a hill.
The point of culmination. See Synonyms at summit.
The usually pointed end of an object; the tip: the apex of a leaf.

The apex of a human life is where an individual achieves their maximum mean combined levels in the areas of physical performance, mental acuity and spirituality. For purposes of discussion, let's assume that at 41 years old I have passed my physical apex (various motorcycle crashes, snow machine wrecks and a life of adventure have given me the ability to tell the weather with a number of body parts, and I am quite fat at the moment), and let's also assume my spiritual apex will probably be quite sometime down the road. My intellectual apex may also have passed - it depends on who you talk to - but I think I can still make progress in that area. It follows that at some point in time, probably in the next ten to 20 years, I will enjoy that culmination, that apex, where I am balanced on the verge of a slow descent into what I hope to be a long and healthy run as a wise and aging man, gaining in wisdom and spirituality but not at the top of my game any more.

There are many hurdles in my way and many bridges to cross, and that is what I am here to discuss and explore in the context of my life, my goals and world events.

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