Wednesday, September 07, 2005



This photo from today's Anchorage Daily News reminds me that I've been posting on here for about a month, so the question is - has any progress been made towards my goals?

On the physical side in the last month I have lost five pounds and just last night purchased a recumbent stationary bike which I'm sure will require most of this evening to transform into a bike from a 130 pound box of parts. The idea with the bike is that I'll have a routine over the winter to stay active - and hey, the thing has a magazine rack on the back of the seat and a holder in front of the display, so the plan might just work!

On the intellectual quest, I have little to report except that I have gotten my guitar out and tuned, and I have been making an effort to read more. The local library is my friend again and I have been making book choices with my apex journey in mind. Spiritually, I have been spending more time with my Bible and have focused some of my other readings in this area as well, currently reading What God Wants by Neale Walsh. I have also been making an effort to be more "aware" - of what is going on outside my window, in my town, with my family, and in my heart.

As an aside, Fish and Game officers tripped the moose, sat on it while they cut the soccer net off, and the moose got up and went back to calmly feeding afterwards like nothing happened - great attitude!

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