Sunday, September 18, 2005


Sorry So Long Between Posts

I apologize for leaving you hanging with my Dad and I in a capsized canoe, heading through Naptown Rapids on the Kenai River. I spent the weekend on a friend's boat in Seward fishing for late season silver salmon. The fish were right outside the boat harbor so in true "roughing it" style we got up each morning, brewed coffee, took a pre-made breakfast entree from the chest freezer and put it in the convection oven, took showers, plugged the GPS unit into the laptop, idled the boat past the breakwater, dropped the downriggers, and started trolling while we ate breakfast. Resurrection Bay was flat calm on Saturday and had just a little off shore chop on Sunday so conditions were perfect. At night we returned to the harbor and plugged into shore power to save wear on the genset. After cleaning the fish at the harbor cleaning station, we returned to the boat to vacuum pack the catch and throw it in the freezer. We grilled steaks on a gas BBQ that mounted on the side with a rod holder adaptor, whipped up a potato salad, and watched a movie on DVD while the meal digested. My friend's boat is called "No Bad Days" . . . . . no bad days indeed! I brought home eight fat silvers for the freezer and some great memories. Just wish my bro could have been there - he likes silvers in the salt as much as I do!

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