Monday, September 19, 2005



Be very quiet, I'm blogging from work! Actually, it is after hours but it still seems a bit naughty . . . .

Here is a photo of No Bad Days from this weekend. I'm posting it here because I was in the military with the boat owner, we are peers and roughly the same age - has he hit his apex early? Or just different priorities? Either way, it is a gorgeous vessel and a great way to blow 150K if you've got it to burn.

While I had tremendous fun on this boat, I can also remember spending days on the same body of water with the same guy in a $500 inflatable with a rented motor on the back. Porpoises came along side as we plowed through the water and we were able to reach over and touch them. They wave-surfed on our wake for probably 15 minutes and we laughed until our sides ached with the sheer joy of the day. We caught ling cod and rock fish that we grilled on a wood fire built on a remote beach. There was no DVD after the meal, just the waves lapping the shore and good conversation. We forged our friendship with outings like that, a friendship we rekindled last fall and have enjoyed tremendously, even though he and I have grown in different ways in the last 10 years.

I don't know if there will be a boat for me along the path to my apex, but if there is, it's great to know I've got a great friend to help me pick one out . . . .

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