Friday, October 14, 2005


For Penny

Our two daughters are so very different in how they relate to others - one is super social, making friends effortlessly and instantly gauging the mood of a room and knowing instinctively how to make things better; the other is much more emotionally cautious and slow to warm up to strangers until they have truly earned her trust. Kerri describes this perfectly - "Lydia is stingy with her love".

I've come to realize that I am stingy with my love too. I have very few close friends and have been in relatively few relationships in my life. I love, protect and defend my family passionately but rarely let anyone in the inside circle. I'm not sure if this is a fault, a strength, or a neutral trait but I do know that my Dad's wife Penny has been the victim of my stinginess, and for that I apologize.

Two years ago I experienced first hand what my Dad felt as my sons were slow to warm to my new love and future wife. They, like me, made the mistake of comparing this new person to their Mom instead of just appreciating what a wonderful person they are in their own right.

Penny - you are now in my inner circle and I promise to love, protect and defend you as passionately as everyone else. You make my Dad happy and you are a fantastic mother who has never done anything but offer me unconditional love. I am sorry for my stingy love in the past but I have a big heart and you live there now. I am sorry I was not able to make your wedding but you can be sure I will be at your silver wedding anniversary!

That macaroni and cheese really was quite amazing you know . . . . . . thank you for being patient with me. I love you.

Beautifully said as always.
love ya
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