Friday, November 25, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a loving and peaceful Thanksgiving! Since my wife had to work and the girls were at the aunts for the day, I took a job driving a truck down to Kenai on Thanksgiving. Despite working, there were many things to be thankful for - I got to talk with my Dad and brother (briefly) before the storm and mountains interfered with my cell reception; as I drove south the blizzard eventually petered out leaving a dazzling fresh landscape to enjoy; spotting the bald eagles in the trees along the Kenai River in the winter is always great; when I delivered the truck the whole household of able-bodied young men got up from the Thanksgiving table and helped me transfer product into the truck from a rental van; the cabdriver for my trip to the airport was a great guy whose life is finally turning around at the age of 51 after making bad choices (the company tipped him well for the ride); I had a long wait for my flight as it was running late due to a de-icing routine back in Anchorage but the long wait made it possible for my friend Tim and his fiance to surprise me at the airport with two slices of pie, one pumpkin and one pecan (since I had eaten nothing all day - just try getting food on the road at Thanksgiving! - the pie was doubly appreciated); on the flight back to Anchorage there were only two people - myself and a little old lady clenching a plate of leftovers from her son's house - the closest I'll ever get to a trip on a private jet; and finally I went to bed early in a quiet house and got caught up on some sleep.

I miss you all dring the holidays and wish we could get some kind of family reunion organized (thanks for the note Penny!). I'll post more tonight after work.

Family and friends during the holiday is always special. I know I miss them terribly.
love ya
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