Tuesday, November 08, 2005



This photo was taken November 1 downtown - you can see that we got our predictable dusting of snow by Halloween, the one thing it seems we can count on about our winters in Anchorage. You can also see that a four foot chain link fence makes very little impression on a bull moose that always amaze me with their grace and agility given their size.

It has been a tough week. Work has been more of a grind somehow now that I have made my decision to move on, plus it is the busy season and we are short staffed. My son was robbed, at gunpoint, in his own apartment . . . . that sort of thing just doesn't happen that much in Alaska, and if it does, it happens to "the other guy". I'm still a little bit in shock and worry about his safety as they crooks are still at large and have his keys. They were clearly looking for something in particular, and just as clearly had the wrong apartment. I'm just so glad he and his roommates are okay and I pray he never has a gun stuck in his face again. The parenting just never ends - does it Dad? The girls and I are going to a concert and a boxing match tomorrow night - hopefully that will blow off steam and clear my head. Kerri heads for Seattle for an extended weekend with her sister on Thursday so I'll have some time to putter around the house and finish some projects and finally finish organizing the garage. I'm a little adrift on my drive to the apex - I need to sleep more (much more), I need to read something besides the paper, and now that we are not housesitting a dog for a friend I need to get back on the exercise bike in the mornings as my weight loss has stalled!

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