Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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Fitness Journal
The one thing that seemed to help me when losing weight is to weigh in once a week and record it where my wife can see it - it works, at least for me. I wanted to broaden that idea to my workouts so that I could be responsible to more than myself because just the act of showing one's progress to others seems to have a motivating effect.

I found that Fitness Journal has a neat feature that allows me the ability to both log my workouts and post the results to my blog via this map. What you see here is the combination of a quick ride to test the mapping, and my 45 minute workout last night. I think this image should update automatically whenever I log another workout so I may post a link to this post for quick reference, or I might just re-post the map once a week or so. Either way, I am posting my workout progress (usually on an exercise bike but walks, running and regular bike rides also count) for all to see - and to comment on if I don't seem to be moving much!

I'm going to make fairly aggressive (for me!) goal of biking "across America" twice before the end of next year. This will require me to average 14.25 miles per day between now and then so I'd better get cranking!

What a great idea! I hope that you're able to conquer this round the country biking into better health. I'll be sure to keep tabs on you. Keep on truckin!
What a great visual! And look, you'll pass through Idaho soon.
love ya
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