Monday, February 06, 2006


Passing the Baton

Trevor told me he heard the baby's heartbeat at the last doctor's visit - I have to say his impending fatherhood has changed him, in a good but interesting way. He sounds so mature - which is what he should sound like, I guess. I hope he never loses that little boy enthusiasm for life, no matter how tough things may get. They say that is the best gift a father can give to his son - enthusiasm - and Trevor has always had it in abundance (which makes me look good, right??).

The young lady in the photo is Megan, and we all love her dearly. KC and Lydia loved having her around at Christmas and I know she has a special place in all our hearts. She has enthusiasm in abundance as well so this new life growing in her belly should have a great start in the world. Trevor is approaching being a Dad as his biggest adventure ever - and boy is he right.

Trevor and I had two talks about him being a Dad. The first talk was right after he told me, and my mind was focused on all the things he would probably never accomplish now with all this new responsibility. I told him to always place his children first in life, like I did and like his grandparents did. The second talk was about 4 or 5 days later, after the news sunk in and I had time to reflect. I apologized for parts of the first talk and told him there was another side to being a Dad that I left out the first time. All of the things that he could do - see his child born, take a first step, fall asleep in his arms, grow, talk, strive and excel - these more than balanced out all the things he would probably never get to do. As a parent, I think we are never quite ready for our children to begin a family - you want them out of high school first, then out of college, then at their "dream job", then after their first big promotion, then after they buy their own home, then after their car is paid off, then after they have great health insurance, then after they have a nest egg big enough for the Mom to take time off after the baby is born, and then and then and then . . . . .

Trevor, I am proud of you, now and always. You are almost done with your bachelor's degree and you are young enough to be a very fun Dad - you did good son and I love you. You are going to be the best Dad ever and I'm excited for you and your new family.

Great message for Trevor and Megan.
Hey, Bro. I am glad your feeling better. It looks like you have been busy lately with your blog.

I hope you know that I've always admired your unconditional love and concern you have for your children.
love ya.
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