Thursday, March 02, 2006


Alaska Update

Okay, no deep thoughts, just a general update on how everyone is doing and sharing some photos. Here is the whole family just before dinner at Simon and Seaforts. Anyone that has eaten there knows we had a great time - I had king crab and prime rib, Kerri had the prime rib, Trevor had caribou steak, I can't remember the rest - and that the resulting dinner tab was astounding (several of the cars I've owned cost less), graciously picked up by my work. This was the summer before last and I loved having everyone together for a night out. We just recently all had a nice meal downtown at Sullivan's Steak House for Zack's birthday, equally astounding, graciously picked up by my wife. I've learned over the years that sometimes, in the right circumstances, meals eaten together - whether a simple picnic by the ocean or something much more extravagant - transcend the money issue and become part of the fabric of the family history. I know there were times when my Dad's wallet hurt after a meal, so I want to assure him here that Dad - I remember those meals. I don't necessarily remember what I ate, but I remember eating at the Casa Bonita in Denver, I remember eating at the Red Lion in Bangor, I remember eating at the Silent Woman in Waterville (and yes Bro, I remember you worked there), I remember eating at Martin's Manor on College Avenue, I remember many awe-inspiring all-you-can-eat buffets on trips to Florida when vacationing, I remember eating lobster all up and down the Maine coast at a dozen different favorite spots. I remember fudge from Perry's Nut House and onion rings from Belanger's. I remember picnics with the red cooler and corn on the cob at Canadian campgrounds. I remember sandwiches at Webber Pond and eating at McDonalds by the Elm Plaza when it was just "millions served", and how the Waterville French fries were somehow better than anything we found anywhere else in the United States. I remember that just like the paneling in my bedroom (inside joke, worth a story another time), you let me order what I wanted when we went out to eat. And Dad - I remember that I never went hungry, ever, while I lived under your roof. And - just now - I've remembered to thank you for that, and all the other meals. I love you.

I miss the time with the whole family.. Zack Trevor KC Lydia and meme...Eating together has always been a very fun and social time together.. bringing the family closer together..miss you kids.. love you always
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