Thursday, March 02, 2006


KC Update

KC is the most friendly and loving human I know - everyone knows her, and no one has anything bad to say. She is outspoken - I can attest to that personally as I was up until 2 AM last Tuesday helping her formulate her argument on why we shouldn't drill for oil in ANWR for a school paper, even after I explained to her that made her unique among Alaskans (honestly, I learned a lot from the research - there is an oil spill on the North Slope every 18 hours, on average, involving 1.7 million gallons of hazardous substances between 1996 and 2002). She is a dare devil - the first two pictures show her visiting her Aunt Robyn on the North Slope and earning her Polar Bear Certificate (the first person ever at the Alpine Drill Site - the water was 38 degrees), and she broke a rib jumping her snowboard at Alyeska last week. She is so beautiful and can gauge the mood of a room in a second and come up with a plan to make things better. She fiercely defends her younger sister - if anyone is going to mess with Lydia, she wants it to be her and her only. She has been a cheerleader, ran track, and was on the swim and dive team last fall. She has an instinct on when Dad needs a hug, and is quick to offer one. She is my morning coffee buddy - I love you KC, now and always.

ALl is true of my beautiful baby who is growing into an even beautiful lady.. I love you KC.. soon you will be 16 and I am just as excited about this birthday as all the rest and look forward to many more to come.. I love you honey...
It is wonderful to learn more about my distant nieces. Keep up the good work, KC

love ya
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