Monday, May 22, 2006


Relay For Life

You know, my Relay for Life walk this year was both incredibly disappointing, and incredibly motivating and special at the same time. First of all, thank to those of you that sponsored me! I raised over $600 for the American Cancer Society due to your generosity. The only time I totally lost it was when I was all alone in this school cafeteria at a big table, decorating the paper bag for Mom's luminaria. That was a very moving time, a physical manifestation of how much I missed her and why I was there. The sight of all those luminaria glowing around the entire circumference of a quarter mile track really has to be experienced - I would urge you all to take part in your local Relay for Life so you can see for yourself!

I was very disappointed that I could only manage 30 miles this year, and quit after about 14 hours, well short of the 42 miles and 20 hours of last time. I was cold, I didn't know any of the folks on my team, and then it started raining. My knee was throbbing badly and beginning to lock up. What rose from this disappointment though was a renewed commitment towards better health, one of the primary goals towards the apex. Thanks for all your calls and support over the weekend - I felt your love.

It is so sweet what you do for others. I hope your knee is better. I definately simpthize. Love ya. Excuse spelling.
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