Saturday, May 27, 2006


Spring Has Sprung!

This year's crop of new moose calves are being spotted all over town - I heard a report of a mama with twins crossing the road on the local radio's traffic report yesterday morning. The Anchorage residents who really seem to be making the news this year though are the bears - more specifically, the too bold, too hungry, and too cranky black bears that are fresh from their long naps and looking for trouble.

Yesterday's paper carried this story about a problem bear shot breaking into a man's chicken coop. Today, there is a story of two problem bears here, one of which entered a home through a screen door, grabbed a pillow off the couch, and had to be chased off with a bar stool.

Let's hope these bears all come to their senses and make better choices. There were 12 problem bears that had to be euthanized in Anchorage last year - an unfortunate result of wildlife and humans attempting to co-exist in a metropolitan setting.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend! I am spending the morning repairing my exercise bike - I donated it to work, and the cord ripped out at some point when I was moving it. This afternoon I'm thinking about heading out of town for a day or two with a tent and a sleeping bag. The irony is that Anchorage actually gets very quiet over Memorial Day weekend as everyone leaves town!

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