Saturday, May 13, 2006



Just a couple short weeks ago it seemed like I never had enough time - now I guess it seems like I have too much. It is a transition period where I try to figure out what to do with all the time I spent driving girls and cleaning house and raising a family. I stopped by the house today to do some of those chores and there was someone else taking care of them, so time marches on. I'll get used to it, other things will someday fill the void, but for now Time and I have declared an uneasy truce until the rules are sorted out . . . in time. This shouldn't be easy - and it's not.

Time.. Time will heal all wounds, I hope. Friends help at times, especially when you are at your lowest and feel like you can't make it one more minute.. where you have so much on your plate and so many life changes where you could care less if the next day even comes.. the people that care about you, hoping that you can see past the pain and heartbreak of life... no ones chores.. just listening, being, and caring and pushing to make it another day through this time.. this pain.. this chaos. For life still happens- ready or not.. it does not wait for you and time still ticks for the day will still end and begin again.. and it will pass you by.. and you will end up living nowhere.. So take heart my love, you have not been replaced.. I too and trying to find my voice and strength... Time.
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