Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Zachary Update

You know, you haven't heard very much about Zack on this blog, and here's why - Zack just quietly gets it done. As the eldest son, he does a great job looking out for his "little" brother, looks after his Mom, and stays in touch with me enough to let me know I'm loved. We all wish we could see more of him, but by the same token he is everything you hope for in a son - he is independent, intelligent, caring and well respected. He is actually super intelligent, and this has been his downfall more than once. Things like normal jobs, normal school, and normal circumstances have bored Zack at times - but now I think he is at a good place in life. He is very quiet - he and I have more in common than he would probably like to admit, and he would definitely agree with my posts on intelligence, I bet. He's a thinker . . . maybe too much, like his Dad.

I am enormously proud of the young man that Zack has become. He is always under the radar, content to let Trevor and the girls bask in the spotlight. Someday Zachary is going to find a niche and just blow people away - he has limitless potential. Right now, he does a great job at an industrial electronics supply store, no doubt cataloging all of their 48,000 different parts in his amazing mind. You might get lucky and spot Zack on his company's website here. Like his Dad, he probably doesn't quite know what he wants to be when he grows up - but he'll excel at whatever he tries along the way. He is always a great addition to any family gathering - we were so happy he was in Maui for the wedding.

I do remember that sweet young man who my girls fell in love with. love ya zack
Zachary is an amazing man and seems to be happy with his life at this point. He can do anything he puts his mind too. He was very lucky to have two parents that loved him very much, and still do. Even though we do not see you much, I hope that you always know that you hold a very special spot in our hearts and we miss and love you. Thanks for being you Zach.
Hey thats me on there. ahhhh good times. I love your blog dad. I never really got a chance to check it out. I can't believe it took me so long. I hope you keep updating it with time. Maybe you have pictures of the little trevor soon.
Love Zack
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