Sunday, June 18, 2006


Happy Father's Day!

The older I get, the more I realize how truly blessed I was to have such a great Dad growing up. I know that the great example he set has made me a better father to the boys, and during my time with the girls. Here are my top six reasons why he is the best Dad:

1. He has an amazing work ethic. It is no coincidence that none of his children are ever out of work for long, and they can pretty much pick and choose the jobs they want to work. He set that example.

2. He always had, and still has, an incredible thirst for knowledge. He surrounded us with books and brought us to museums and plays and musicals, and exposed us to a wide range of people, cultures and experiences. It is no coincidence that all of his children are very intelligent, well-rounded and interesting people that look for something new to learn every day. He set that example.

3. He always put his children first. He sacrificed his time, his energy and his finances so that we could live better lives when we were growing up. I was always so proud that we were always warm, well fed, and had good clothes on our backs. It is no coincidence that all of his children are very giving people who put the needs of others before themselves, and put their own children on a pedalstal. He set that example.

4. He is a great husband. He is considerate and giving, and in the context of his generation, he is a loyal and committed husband to Mom, and now Penny. His children have it a little tougher these days (as does he) because being a good life partner seems like it requires a lot more than bringing home the bacon, but it is no coincidence that all of his children are also loyal and committed to their relationships. He set that example.

5. He is involved and giving in the community. He has always donated his time and energy and finances to helping worthy causes and those less fortunate than him. He has always made himself available to help and apply his broad range of talents to make life better for others. It is no coincidence that Skip plows driveways for the elderly and Bren works with disadvantaged youth and Boo is a great friend to all who know her and I enjoy helping others and give to a wide range of charities. He set that example.

6. He is involved in his church, and is a moral honest man that others admire. I didn't realize what a precious gift it was to have a Dad that always told me the truth, even when it hurt. The truth is sometimes tough to find in this world, but growing up in his household with the expectation that we all told the truth all the time took a lot of the drama out of things. It is no coincidence that he has children that are moral, honest and law-abiding. He set that example.

For these reasons and many, many more, he is the #1 Dad, and we are all very lucky to have him in our lives. A man's biggest contribution to the world is truly his children, and his example, love and guidance has set us on the right path. I love you Dad, and in my heart, every day is Father's Day. I can't wait to see you this summer, I am a lucky boy.

Note: This is an adaptation of a note I sent Dad last year, in case it looks familiar. It still very much applies and my recent failings as a husband are in no way associated with the amazing example that Dad set for me. I tried Dad, I really did. Just love me as you always have, and trust me. Happy Father's Day, I hope you have a lobster with my big brother today to celebrate, you are in my thoughts.

Happy Father's Day.
It is wonderful to have a brother who can put into words things that I would love to say as well. So, Dad, this goes for me too. Thanks for being you. Love ya

Thank you for the happy Father's Day. I understand you are angry with me. I have never stopped loving you and think of you always. I don't know where you stay anymore, but I will get a phone so you can call me if you want. I am always here. I love you.

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