Thursday, June 22, 2006


Happy Solstice

The sun rose at 4:20 and set at 11:42 today in Anchorage for 19 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. It is after midnight and although the rain is beating on the camper roof like rice grains on a snare drum, there is still enough light out to read.

I've been in the camper for 6 or 7 weeks now and today I got a post office box. It seemed awfully final.

I am going to attempt to achieve one of my major goals for the year by climbing Pioneer Peak on the July 4th weekend. You can read about my original post about this goal here. I'm training my replacement at work and am finding that I know quite a lot some how, and passing it all on over the next 5 weeks before I leave is going to be a challenge. Happy solstice everyone!

Good luck with the hike and take care of that knee. Always.
Happy Solstice to you. I hope you enjoyed the tender lullaby of the rain. love ya
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