Friday, June 16, 2006



It's the strangest thing - I can't seem to bring myself to go to a Laundromat. I've been in Alaska almost 18 years now, and there was only a couple of those years when I used a Laundromat, most recently more than 10 years ago. I didn't even know where they were located in Anchorage and I had to ask around! Kerri was letting me wash my clothes when I went over to watch the girls, but now that I don't do that anymore the laundry has been slowly accumulating. The basket is actually staring at me accusingly right now as I type on the laptop in the camper.

I have a stack of quarters right next to me, I bought a big jug of detergent at Costco the other day . . . but I think I have a mental block. Other people go to Laundromats, people with poor housing and no families. People with no washer and dryer. People who have suffered downturns in their life's circumstances and they now have to drive across town and suffer the indignities of a public Laundromat, the huge inconvenience, while the rest of the world throws a load in in between sitcoms. People who scrounge quarters and try to time their errands around laundry night so that the whole evening isn't a waste of time . . . . people like . . . me. I just need to get that through my head and I'll be fine, it's a bump in the road to the Apex, and good practice for a month or two on the road. Just need to bring a good book for my Reading List!

Think agian, little bro. I have known some high fluenten alpa males and single females who are well to do who go to the laundry mat. They go for the adventure, getting to talk with others, and most important; getting it all done in one sitting. I was talking to a family in California once who had 10 kids. They go to the laundry mat for that sole purpose. Granted, the dad was an anetheologist and could afford all those quarters. One stop, all done.
Love ya
I use to go the the laundry mat with loads of laundry, two small kids, and heat that will kill ya. It doesn't make you trash to go to the laundry mat..what do you think the many of travelers do when they come to Alaska in the summers to fish and visit in their motorhomes? Laundry mats.. No one ever said that you couldn't use the one at the house- only asked that you don't throw the ones from dryer on couch to wrinkle. Motorhome living is a life that you chose for awhile and with that comes sacrifices..laundry mats.
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