Saturday, June 10, 2006


Loon Cam!

In searching for a loon picture for this post (that was a fun search!), I came across this woman who specializes in North West Coast native imagery - you can check out her website here. Very cool!

Anyways, there is a loon cam in Maine that I first found out about by reading their blog here. The actual camera is sponsored by the Biodiversity Research Institute in Gorham. You can skip all the background material and jump directly to checking out the loon by clicking here.

I've been watching the site for awhile and waited to post about it until there was actually a loon to watch. Well this Friday, the first egg was laid!

Loons have always meant a lot to me. Seeing them (and hearing them!) out at the camp on Webber Pond, watching them from the canoe. I was thrilled when the cabin I bought on Cabin Lake in Nikiski had a nesting pair of loons that returned every year. Loons are part of the organic fabric that ties Maine and Alaska together across all the miles, and their call will always bring back wonderful memories for me. Enjoy the loon cam! And do comment with your favorite loon memories!

It seems like there are always loons to be seen down on the Homer Spit, especially in the fall and winter. It's one of my life's great failures that I can't make the loon sound with my hands and mouth (also a big reason why my big brother will always be a better man than me . . . .)
Out of all of the bird sounds, loons remind me that there is still wilderness and beauty to enjoy. I too, have fond memories of little chick on the backs of their parents, of the lonesome sound as I laid listening to the lapping of the water on weber pond. Thanks bro.
Too bad Megan isn't there for you to do her little loon call. Perhaps she can do it over the phone for you when you get one.
Dude! Your fiance' makes the loon noise??! That's right, she did it at Christmas . . . . wow, you're a lucky, lucky man son - you need to keep that one . . . .

Love you, Dad
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