Saturday, June 17, 2006


One Man's 13,000 Miles . . . .

You know, I was feeling pretty good about myself and my plan to spend a couple months on a motorcycle, leaving in 6 weeks with a tentative itinerary of down the ALCAN, through Banff and Jasper Provincial Parks, head over to Washington state to see Lora Dawn and visit friends in Seattle, head down the coastal highway through Oregon and the redwoods, up and over to Idaho to see my sister, see my new (by then) grand daughter in North Dakota, incorporate some Arizona and Colorado in there somewhere, then head to Maine to see the rest of my family and do some riding with my brother. Depending on the time of year, I will probably be begging my brother in Maine or head back to Idaho and beg my sister there to store my bike for the winter because I don't think I can quite make it back to Anchorage before the snow starts flying. Or I could sell my bike. Or I could work the winter someplace warm where I could ride the bike everyday. I haven't quite worked all that out because it depends on how my relationship with KC and Lydia works out, and how the trip goes.

Anyways, I was figuring I am going to be riding somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand miles before it was all over. To some, this is an epic journey equivalent to Homer's Odyssey, to others - it is just a tease. The picture above shows two gentlemen from Pretoria, South Africa who left Anchorage yesterday on jet skis bound for . . . . Miami, via the Panama Canal. Unsupported. Okay, you guys win the alpha male contest, my little jaunt kind of pales in comparison.

You can read the article in the Anchorage Daily News here. You can also follow their progress on their website here, but let me warn you their web server is a bit overwhelmed at the moment by all the attention and load times are extremely slow. Hopefully they will get some more bandwidth or mirror sites to ease the congestion a bit as their journey unfolds because it is definitely a trip to capture the imagination. If they are successful, they will set a new world record, eclipsing the old record set in 2000 by a pair of Australians who circumnavigated their continent, with a full support crew. Best of luck to you mates, safe journey on what is no doubt a milestone on your individual Apex routes. We'll keep you in our prayers and check in on you from time to time!

Wow! Talk about bonding. I hope they have a safe journey.
Sounds like a great trip. Much well deserved.. I guess. Have fun in Seattle and other places you visit with family and friends. The motorcycle trip sounds fun and hope that you get your brother to go back with you. Nothing like great Bro time.. You deserve that too. Kiss the new grandbaby for us all. You are still the alpha male and well into your new chapter of your apex.
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