Friday, July 28, 2006


Bears on Bird Creek

I rode the motorcycle down to Bird Creek last night, about 25 miles south of Anchorage along Turnagain Arm. It was a gorgeous day, absolutely spectacular. I was heading down there to see if I could spot the brown bears that have been stealing fish from the fishermen. I leaned on the railing for almost an hour watching the fishing action - folks were catching pinks and silvers steady - and made a phone call to Bren for awhile. The bears didn't come out while I was there, but you can read about the crazy situation here in today's Anchorage Daily News. It's the most extreme situation of bear/human interaction I've seen in a long time - there are bears that make semi-regular appearances on the Russian River when the reds are running, but here we have brown bears and humans in very close quarters on a daily basis for the last week or two. I hope everyone - and I mean both people and bears - can behave themselves for another couple weeks until the fish run tapers off. If I would have stayed another hour or so, it sounds like I would have gotten a show!

I'm heading out to bring the camper down to Soldotna for storage and will try to post more over the weekend. My bike is still at the shop - they said they were short handed but I should have it back by Monday - let's hope so! Work is having a going away party for me at noon Monday and I was hoping I could sneak away and head out on vacation a little early - it will be a bummer to have to stick around waiting for my bike to be done!

Have a great weekend everyone, I will call you all this weekend. I have a question - should I make a separate blog for my trip and leave this one like it is, or should I just post my travel stuff here? I can go either way. I have to admit, the easiest form for me to post is the audio post (sorry Trevor) as opposed to pounding out a message on a cell phone, so there will probably be a lot of those. Let me know what you think! This blog has been a special place for me over the past year (yes, it is almost time for a blog birthday!), and I appreciate those that take the time to read on a regular basis!

Keep the same blog, it is all part of an ongoing life story. We love you. Dad 7 Penny
Hey, Bro,
I too hope bears and humans behave in such close quarters.

My opionion on the blog is either create a new blog for the transition you are having in your life (not for the travel) or keep the same blog.

I can hardly wait to see you!
love ya
Hey dad,
I too think that you should keep the same blog, and just keep posting. You can't beat this blog. I can't believe your leaving tonight. I just realized it, that you were going to be gone for a long time. I love you dad, and enjoy your trip. Say hi to trevor and the little baby for me.
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