Monday, July 24, 2006


Check It Out!

Look who made Employee of the Month! And, in his words "it's about time!" We couldn't agree more. I darted into his work, snapped the photo with my cell phone, grinned at him working the cash register, and took off.

Not too much new to report. I am trying to leave work in the best possible shape, trying to not forget anything important in my trip planning, and having a fair amount of time for contemplation. If you could see the mental list of all I need to get done in the next six days you would be stressing right along with me, so I'll just keep it to myself. The bike goes in for the break-in servicing Wednesday or Thursday, I still haven't quite figured out the whole luggage setup, the owner is flying in tomorrow from New York and will be here for the remainder of my employment - on a happy note, Brenda and I have agreed to meet up in the Redwood National Forest for some camping after her job ends on August 10th, and there have been no major snags in getting everything ready. I'm not really doing any route planning, although I do know where I will spend the first couple nights. I'm not in a huge hurry to leave the perfect Alaskan summer and enter the furnace which seems to be burning from one coast of the lower 48 to the other. I'm just hoping my Dad can adjust the thermostat before I get down there!

I'm off to read my niece's blog and see what she has been up to - love and prayers to you all from Alaska!

Way to go Zach- We know that you are the quit awesome type. We are proud of you.
way to go zack.. we (the girls) are very proud of you. Still having intermittient computer problems- hope that you are doing well. much love.
Hey Zach;
Good for you! And I agree...It is about time. You deserve it. We all miss you down here.
Love auntie
Its great huh?
All that is a shadow by the way. If you cant tell. I dont really have that much goatee goin on. Just defending myself, bye.
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