Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Downsizing Again

In just a few days I'll be leaving the cozy nest I've acclimated to in the little camper and moving into a 26 square foot tent for a couple months. As you can see, it is not an enormous change as the camper truly is little. The tent, however, will not have the lights, fridge, oven, stovetop, running water, beds, tables, bathroom, closets and stereo that the camper has, not to mention a laptop with internet connection. It will be a transition, and leaving the camper is proving to be hard emotionally for me as it is the only home I have.

I'm hoping I can capture some of the same coziness and psychological comfort I've enjoyed in the camper in the tent as well as I move around the United States. I think even when you're homeless you need a place to call home so I'm really trying to put a lot of thought into what I take for camping supplies and how I can make the transition a good one for me. See you all on the road!

It may be the only living quarters but you always have a home in Maine. That bike need saddlebags!!!Love MEBRO.
It will be a great adventure. The camper holds many wonderful memories and it will be sad saying goodbye as it ahs been with many things lately. You have always wanted to go across the US on motorcycle and now you have your chance. We only have one life and I am proud that you are making the most of yours- and as time goes by and hearts heal I to hope to do some of the things in life that I have always wanted to do. Kids first though then me. have a safe trip Steve. Hope to see you on the Appalachin trail one day. I am still going to do it- summer of 2008. Thanks for the great memories and life lessons. Always.
did you know that you posted this post twice? It sounds really good. Hope moving into a smaller living quarters doesn't stress you out too much. I blogger sorry I didn't for a few days.
No saddlebags! I don't like how they look on this particular bike so I'm going with a sissy bar pack with my hiking pack on the passenger seat. Theoretically it should work fine . . . .

Actually, I didn't know I posted it twice but now that you pointed it out I deleted one - thanks!

I'll see you on the trail - I don't regret a second of our time and only remember the good as there were many. Thank you for loving me and sharing the girls. Always.
You have to Know that you always have a home at 9 High St. Just rember your scout days and how we got everyone ready for the AT. I don't know if you plan on cooking or not, but they have some great dry, one pot meals today. I will call you soon to check with you. My bigest prayer is that you be very careful on the road. Between Freeport and here we know of two motorcycle accidents that resulted in death. I trust your driving and constantly keep you in my prayers. Love Dad
I'll be safe Dad. This bike is not a crotch rocket by any means, and I'm not in a hurry or on a schedule. I have too many things to see to get side-tracked by an accident. The only part that worries me is going into New York City to visit Doug, the rest of the time I'll look for quiet roads and will always look out for the other guy.
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