Tuesday, July 18, 2006


No More Multi-Part Stories!

Hey everyone, thanks for your kind words - both emailed and posted as comments - on the Legend of the Feather story. That was both fun and frustrating for me - fun to try something different, and frustrating because some nights I just wanted to post something silly or quick and couldn't because I wanted all three parts to be consecutive posts, for clarity.

I was looking at this photo of the quiet man and Grey Bear on the lower slope of the mountain and smiled - the odd pattern of still dry shirt makes it look like the quiet man has a big heart, right in the center of his chest - and I guess maybe he does.

I got to talk to both sons today - I went to see Zack at work (and admired his mug on the Employee of the Month board), and Trevor called and talked a long time. Trevor and Megan have officially set the date for the wedding - May 19, 2007. I'm excited! He wanted to know who he should invite, and I told him to invite everyone! On both sides of the family! I'm hoping Bro and Bren can make it, and maybe Dad and Penny if they aren't busy. Should be a great time - Trevor is so excited. They also hope the girls can be there, and so do I.

I know you have a big heart even when it doesn't show with the salt sweat lines on your shirt.
Love from Maine
So, even your shirt confirms you have a big heart. We always knew it.

I would love to go to my nephew's wedding. With my own daughter going off to college, I am not sure of the funding at this time, but I'll do my best.

Love ya
Look at this guy just leaves his heart on his shirt. Love the beard too. Kind of goes with the big heart. Big beard.
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