Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Hey bro,
The voice mail came out great. It was good to hear from you. I will need to learn more about techenolgy so I can keep in contact with everyone.
love ya
That came out surprisingly clear. Crazy what we can do these days. I'm partial to the written blogs myself but a random voice blog wouldn't be bad.

Love you
The sound quality on that one came out surprisingly well. I'm a little paritial to the written blog but a random voice blog wouldn't be a bad thing i don't think.

Love you
I wondered why everyone got sound and I couldn't but Penny got me straightened out and it comes in fine. Love Dad

Great to see you commenting - not sure what happened with your other very kind comment, but this one posted fine. Love you and hope you are feeling better!
Hey Dad
i loved the voice blog. i think it will work out great. Plus it be awesome to hear your voice throughout your trip.
love Zack
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