Thursday, July 27, 2006


Trip To Hope

I rode the motorcycle to Hope this evening to get the last of the break-in miles on it so I can get it serviced tomorrow. You're going to have to excuse the poor picture quality but I need the practice taking pictures with the cell phone and getting them downloaded and posted to the blog.

The top picture was taken at the very end of Turnagain Arm before the road heads up into the pass. I stopped to give Dad a call before I was out of cell range and noticed a nice dead tree to frame the shot of the mountains. There is also fireweed just barely visible as well.

Here I am in the town of Hope with the bridge over Resurrection Stream visible behind my right shoulder. Many of you will remember pink salmon fishing here and the fun we had - Mom caught a salmon! The ride in to Hope was fantastic on a bike - a nice 65 through 11 miles of 35 MPH twisties with not another vehicle in sight. Lots of good memories in Hope - not just fishing but hiking/biking with the girls, Kerri and her Mom. Lydia decided she needed a break and stopped pedaling right in the middle of the trail. I was directly behind her and had to leave the trail to avoid hitting her, and tumbled about 30 feet down the mountain, end over end, laughing the whole way.
The last picture came out poorly, but those that have been there can probably see all the pinks in the water. My timing was perfect for a visit as the run was peaking on the incoming tide and the stream was choked with fish with just 4 or 5 people fishing. I didn't fish and instead stayed awhile and enjoyed the view and the memories. I got home and cooked up the last piece of king salmon that Zack caught and gave me for Father's Day last month - a fine end to a nice day and even work was enjoyable as I got to do some data analysis and spend some time on the phones finding a better supplier for part of our product line.

Lookin thin there big daddy! Those are some nice pics...makes me miss home! Can't wait to see you though.
Memories are great along with the picturees of the fish down at Hope. The pictures from your phone come out great and we ( Penny & I ) look forward to seeing and hearing of your trip. Love Dad & Penny
Sounds like a wonderful trip with lots of memories. I hear that the salmon are not running as strong this year! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
love ya
Hope was great.. do you remember the purple underwear? Nice.... thanks for the great memory.. I had a good laugh when I read about your Hope ride.
I definitely remember the purple underwear. I also remembered that was the first (but not the last) time we raced. I was impressed with your driving, not many can keep up with me.
I also remember Hope. But from a very long time ago. It was the first place i caught a fish. It was a humpy of course. But i think was a pretty good sized one. But it was awesome. Fish everywhere. Ya the camera pic looks good though.
love Zack
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