Tuesday, August 01, 2006


And Off I Go!

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Here is an attempt to edit one of my audio posts by adding in text and photos - hopefully it will retain the audio post along with the new additions. These are pictures I took of the loaded bike in Eagle River, Alaska, just 10 miles from Anchorage. This was the first time I had the gear loaded on the bike - no silly dry runs for this guy! - and I wanted to see if there were any immediate problems. This is a McDonald's parking lot as I was also having a spot of breakfast. It may seem odd for me to be stopping so close to my starting point but this was a time for reflection over coffee before I left town for what could prove to be a very long time. The loading of the bike ended up working fine, and I made very few changes over the 2800 miles to Brenda's. I remember planning the trip, and how I was going to load the bike, and not even knowing if it would all work so it was a big relief to discover it would all be fine on this first day on the road.

I am glad you decide to go on vacation and you were able to pretty heavy discussion with your gear and suceed. Don't rush. Remember your on vacation.

Drive safe
love ya
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