Monday, August 14, 2006


Now THAT'S a Beautiful Ditch

While I was in Washington over the weekend I gave the niece a hand digging a ditch so she could bury her phone line. We had to bury it deep so she could go back over and rototill later if she wanted and as you can see, the first bit was nice loamy topsoil that she had already removed the day before my arrival - as for the rest, it got a little interesting in sections. Her house is absolutely gorgeous inside but the yard needs a bit of work!

Lending a hand wherever you go. I hope you are really enjoying the visits. Everyone looks healthy. Now a few pictures back you were clean shaven and already have a full growth. I got my hair cut yesterday and they cut my bangs too short- all the way to the back of my neck. It is falling off and growing on my back and in my ears. Love you guys. Maine Bro
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