Sunday, September 10, 2006


Valley City, North Dakota

I arrived at Trevor and Megan's last night close to midnight after a 720 mile day. It definitely didn't help that the first 100 miles took over three hours due to extreme switchbacks heading up to 11,000 feet and back down on Route 212 - but it sure was fun riding! Today we drove to Argyle to visit Megan's parents - they are wonderful folks and on short notice (I woke up this morning and announced I wanted to go see the parents!) they fed us a wonderful meal of ham, corn, and garlic mashed potatoes with lemon mereigne pie for desert. After that we watched a little football and headed over to see Megan's grandparents in the nursing home and then to Fargo for Mongolian barbecue and back to Valley City.

The grand daughter is beautiful! Aubrey has gained a couple pounds in the last month and I'm estatic I got here to see her. What a cutie - and what great parents. Good job Trevor and Megan!

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