Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Happy Belated Halloween!

These are pictures of Aubrey Elizabeth on Halloween night in the onesie her Aunt Brenda sent. In the middle picture you can definitely tell that the whole parent thing has aged Trevor quite a bit - must be going to classes during the day and watching Aubrey nights while Megan is working - he looks pretty bad for 21 years old! Aubrey is looking enormous compared to when I saw her in September! I remember being a bit apprehensive about meeting Aubrey for the first time since I had not been around any babies since . . . well, since her Dad was a baby! I lay on the floor in Trevor apartment and really got a good look at her and I was hooked from then on! I still can't believe I'm a grandfather though - I'm still a kid myself!

Trevor and Megan, you are fantastic parents and Aubrey is going to have a great life! I'm proud of you both, now and always.

What a cutie!! She is sweet. I hope that smile will always continue. Love auntie
Who is that masked man. Obviously Aubrey has no fear. Smiling while the old man is dressed up. Good luck and enjoy. Uncle Skip
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