Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just 10 Days

Hey, looks like Blogger has all the kinks worked out of the new Beta version, and photos are uploading better than ever! I haven't posted in a very long time for a number of reasons - there were technical problems with Blogger for awhile, I was conflicted on whether I should start a fresh blog given some of the content of the this one, and I was experiencing a whole range of experiences and emotions last fall and this winter that I didn't feel needed to be re-examined here. I have had some wonderful times here in Maine - lots of time with the best big brother in the world, I saw a bald eagle fly over my childhood home (how I wish my Mom could have seen that), my job has been a fun challenge that I look forward to most of the time. I got all the slides scanned and lots of work done on the house but wish I had got more done. I got to spend all too little time with Dad before he headed to Arizona for the winter. I'm heading west to Trevor's graduation, his wedding, my niece's graduation, and then on to Alaska, again on a motorcycle, in about 10 days. I have decided to start a new blog, but not while I'm on the road. Because when I stop traveling this summer, I'll be finally in a home of my own, and that certainly deserves a fresh start.

The service I used to post audio files from my cell phone while on the road last summer is no longer in business so I need to find another way to do that since it worked fantastic. A lot of my posts from that period were truncated when Blogger switched to the new Beta version - that's a bummer since it is not really realistic to rewrite any of those posts as they captured a time and a moment that is gone.

When my new blog is up and running, when I am finally home, I'll supply the address to those that want it. Cheers everyone, I need to get back to work on the house.

It is going to leave a big void in Maine without you to ride with, complain to, work with way too little and play cribbage- because of the timing we never got to go fishing here in Maine. Love ya- travel safe on the road. The door is always open
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