Sunday, June 03, 2007


What A Great Time!!

Trevor's wedding in Fargo was just about perfect, it was wonderful for so many people to come from all over (3 countries and a dozen states from Virginia to Hawaii and Alaska and points in between) to see this couple get married. I talked to him last night and he was just glowing, fresh from 10 days in Costa Rica. His wife's family are first rate and I'm so proud to welcome her as a daughter-in-law. Congratulations Trevor and Megan, I love you - Dad

Yes this was the best wedding i have i ever been to. And will probaly ever go to. Of course it was my brother. I am so proud of both of them to take the next step. Besides that it was great to meet the new family, and catch up with The family i have i known forever. Both sides. Oh cant forget the kilt.
Love ya dad
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